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TEX Converter


See also
TEX Converter

LatexRender Examples


To use LatexRender for other PHP programs you will need (included in the download):

1. class.latexrender.php (which converts to an image)

2. latex.php (which parses the text). This is done in a function which can be called wherever it is required.


TeXaide is a useful free Windows WYSIWYG editor which will generate latex code that can be copied into a text box. You can do the same online at Equation Editor which also shows the image.


Example Installations etc

phpBB Forum

S.O.S. Mathematics CyberBoard

MathLinks Olympiad Site

Art of Problem Solving

Teorema - Matemática (mimeTeX)


vBulletin Forum
vbLatex is a plugin for vBulletin forums.

Simple Machines Forum

Everything Science Forums (mimeTeX)

Demo Board


LatexRender Phorum Mod

Equation editor at CodeCogs

Equation Editor

b2 blog

Mathematics Weblog


Volatile Yard with setup instructions



WordPress blog

WordPress Showcase




La web de Ozroc (mimeTeX)


Integrating LatexRender in Moodle


MimeTeXBot for adding MimeTex




WikiPublisher (Mac OS X) with pdf creation. Examples


Alternative system (uses entirely different code) with mimeTeX: PhysComments Whiteboard


Integrate LatexRender with DokuWiki

Adaptive Website Framework

AWF Sandbox


Two good PDF guides to latex code are:
The Not So Short Introduction to LATEX 2\varepsilon and
Crash Course in LaTeX

Online beginners' guides:
About LaTeX
Starting out with TeX, LaTeX, and friends

LatexRender Download (124KB)

phpBB Mod (conforms to standardization rules) Aaron Erickson

Scripts that will render LATEX fragments into images for use with PHP programs such as phpBB forum , vBulletin forumSimple Machines SMF, Claroline Course Management System, b2 blog, b2evolution, WordPress blog, simplePHPblog, Moodle, eZ publish, Drupal, Adaptive Website Framework or Wikis can be downloaded here (111KB). These were originally written by Benjamin Zeiss but are now maintained by me. A French version for phpBB is available here courtesy of ced00. A WordPress plugin is available here.
Perl version.

LatexRender makes it easy to type LATEX code such as


into a textbox and have it instantly converted to \displaystyle\int_{0}^{1}\frac{x^{4}\left( 1-x\right) ^{4}}{1+x^{2}}dx=\frac{22}{7}-\pi when displayed. This makes it easier to discuss mathematics in forums for example. Tags [tex] ... [/tex] around the code indicate which part of the text is to be converted into an image. Thus

This is just text but [tex]\sqrt{2}[/tex] should be shown as an image 
and so should [tex]\frac{1}{2}[/tex]

is rendered as:

This is just text but \sqrt{2} should be shown as an image and so should \frac {1}{2}

LatexRender requires LATEX  and ImageMagick (the latter requires Ghostscript) to be installed. It uses a cache to avoid repeated processing of identical formulae and has configurable limits on the length of code to be processed and size of image produced. The open source PHP code was originally designed for use with phpBB but is clearly commented to enable customisation - this means that it can be adapted for use with other PHP programs. An example PHP program is included in the download.

If do not have LATEX  and ImageMagick (and Ghostscript) installed then instructions are included for using mimeTeX which doesn't require external programs.

Do let me know if you have used LatexRender or mimeTeX in your PHP program and you are willing to share your code with others.

Perl Port

Alex Gittens has released a Perl port of LatexRender, which is suitable for use with Perl forums such as YaBB. You can download it here

Alex has also released IllustRender to aid in drawing illustrations in WordPress blogs.
IllustRender is a plugin for WordPress, heavily based on LatexRender, which replaces illustration code in your posts with the actual illustration.

LatexRender for Windows

LatexRender for Windows Download (19KB)

If you are unable to install LATEX,  ImageMagick and Ghostscript on your server then you can still obtain the images by installing these programs on your own Windows PC.

LatexRender for Windows will then run the programs in the same way as the server version. You can then upload the resulting images to your website.





LatexRender for Windows preview

LatexRender for Linux script

TEX Converter is for 32 bit Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Programs that you'll need


HEVEA support for:

Scientific Workplace




TeX4ht support for:

Scientific Workplace



LATeX2HTML support for:


Installation Problems

Useful book
The Latex Web Companion by Michael Goosens and Sebastian Rahtz
Amazon USA
Amazon UK
Internet Bookshop


TEX Converter is freeware written by Steve Mayer

© Steve Mayer 1999

LatexRender for PHP

Steve's Maths Pages

TEX Converter


TEX Converter is a Windows front-end to a number of programs that convert TEX or LATEX files to another format:

  • HEVEA converts LATEX files to HTML without using graphics

  • TTH converts (LA)TEX files to HTML without using graphics

  • TeX4ht converts (LA)TEX files to HTML using GIFs, PNGs or JPEGs

  • LATEX2HTML converts LATEX files to HTML using GIFs or PNGs

  • TeXify is part of MiKTEX and converts (LA)TEX files to DVI and PDF

  • LATEX and pdfLATEX are part of MiKTEX and convert LATEX files to DVI and PDF respectively

All these programs run in DOS and require complicated command lines. The purpose of TEX Converter is to unify them into an easy to use Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP program.

It is not necessary to install all these programs. For example HEVEA and TTH can be run without installing MiKTEX.

The program will convert LATEX files written by Scientific Notebook, Scientific Word and Scientific Workplace.

Screen Previews

Readme File (included in download)

Examples of Conversion from LATEX to HTML



These files install TEX Converter only. HEVEA, TTH, TeX4ht, LATEX2HTML, TeXify and MiKTEX must be downloaded and installed separately (see links here on left of this page).

Download the complete program from here (2.09MB)

The current version is 2.6.19 uploaded 4th September 2006 (see readme file for details).

If you want to upgrade you don't need the full download.

Download latest update (258KB)

and use the latest versions of the files (see Updates.txt in the download)

Thanks to Philip A. Viton, Alain Braun and Eitan Gurari for all their help.


Quick Browser

If you have installed TEX Converter then you will see it has its own internal browser. It's much faster but just as powerful as the full-blown version. If you'd like to use it you can download it here (51KB).

Please note that you must have Internet Explorer installed for Quick Browser to work. Other files it uses will either be on your system already or have been installed by TEX Converter.



Mathematicians may have had a big part to play in designing computers yet mathematics can be very difficult to put on the screen. Trying to get maths pages onto the internet only makes life more difficult.

The same problem arose some 20 years ago when using print and was solved by Donald Knuth who invented TEX which allowed mathematicians to input and print well-designed mathematical pages.

The TEX format is now the preferred file format for mathematics. A number of programs have been written to convert this format into other common formats:

  • HTML to view on the internet

  • PDF Adobe's file format which can be read using Acrobat Reader

  • DVI which gives a 'print preview' of typeset mathematics.


  Included in the TeX/LaTeX ring

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