Some people have reported problems installing LATEX2HTML especially with version 6.01 of Ghostscript. Here are a number of workarounds:
    (the error messages in quotes are on the screen and in config.log)

  1. checking for gswin32c... no means that Ghostscript can't be found. This can happen if the LATEX2HTML installation is on a different drive from that of Ghostscript. I would suggest keeping all the programs (including Perl and Netpbm) on the same drive

  2. checking if perl globbing works... which is followed by the program stopping or even causing a crash. Turn off any anti-virus checkers and make the changes to config.bat in 4. below
    (globbing means understanding wildcards like * and ? in file names)

  3. checking for ghostscript version... no
    Error: could not determine gs version
    Warning: Will not be able to generate images due to above failure

    This is due to a change in the way Ghostscript version 6.01 reports its version and other features and the installation code is at present unable to find the information. Until the code is changed the following should work:

    In config.pl (in \config subdirectory) add after


    and before

      # Configure things determined by the Ghostscript version

    the two lines

      @gs_devs=qw(pnmraw ppmraw);
  4. I have found that a few changes to config.bat can also help
    Change the first few lines to (with your correct paths):

      @ECHO OFF
      REM this is a DOS batch file
      REM *vital* This is the path to the perl interpreter
      set opath=%path%
      REM put in the correct paths for perl in the next two lines
      set path=%path%;c:\perl\bin;c\perl\lib
      set PERL=c:\perl\bin\perl.exe
      REM change the following paths if necessary
      set gs_lib=c:\aladdin\gs6.01\lib;c:\aladdin\fonts
      REM ------------------------------------------------------------
      ECHO Starting Configuration...

    and at the end of config.bat add

      ECHO Configuration procedure finished
      set path=%opath%
      set perl=
      set gs_lib=

    Finally, if you are using Windows 95, 98 or Me change the Environment space from Auto to 1024:

    In Windows Explorer right-click on config.bat then click on Properties then Memory tab and in the 'Initial Environment' dropdown box select 1024.

    It is not necessary to do this in Windows NT or 2000